Top Twenty-Four Announced

American Idol Top Twenty-Four Announced, Gambling Will Soon Begin

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American Idol has been the top rated show on television for many years in a row now, and this year has been no different. Although numbers are down from past years, Idol is still being watched by dozens of millions of people every week. As the show has grown, so to has the gambling associated with Idol.

The past couple of year’s, online sports books have offered odds on which contestant will win the Idol competition. The odds makers have not done a good job in recent years setting the odds, with several long shots from the top twelve eventually pulling off big upsets.

This year, the betting will begin soon as the top twenty-four contestants were revealed on Wednesday. Officially, the betting will not begin until the top twelve are announced, but already gamblers are starting to find their favorites.

“I have picked the winner the past two years,” said Las Vegas resident Barbara Feller. “Each year, the singer I chose was a long shot, so I just put a small bet in, and both years, I ended up going back to the sports book after the show ended and collected my winnings. It was a good feeling.”

A few seasons ago, Kris Allen began the live shows as the long shot of all the contestants at 60-1. Those who believed in Allen were paid nicely as he eliminated the favorites one by one until he reached the point where he was a fan favorite. With each passing week, Allen’s odds were shortened by the sports books, but that did not matter for those who took a chance early.

Last year, a similar, but not as extreme, situation occurred. Lee DeWyze came into the live shows as the quiet, shy performer, and left the competition as the latest American Idol. DeWyze held odds of 12-1 through much of the competition, and his odds also shortened as the finale grew closer each week.

Abrams Elimination

American Idol Betting Odds: Abrams Elimination Gives Women Hope

When Casey Abrams was eliminated from American Idol last week, he did not have the judges to save him. The first time Abrams was eliminated, the judges saved him and Abrams went on to stay in the competition for several more weeks before finally being booted by America this past week.

The Abrams elimination has done something else to the American idol betting odds, it has given the women a fighting chance. After Abrams was eliminated, it left only three guys and two girls. That is in stark contrast to several weeks ago when it looked like the men were going to dominate this season.

Odds makers still have the men as the favorites. James Durbin has come from a long shot early in the competition to the betting favorite. Durbin has odds of 5/4, meaning that gamblers getting in on the action now will only receive around even money if they bet on Durbin.

Scott McCreery, who was the favorite before last week, has slipped to the second choice at 7/4. McCreery is a country western singer that has come to be loved by America. Jacob Lusk is the other male left in the competition, but he is the long shot, with odds of 30/1.

As for the women, Lauren Alaina has been right there with the top men all season long. Alaina is the third choice at only 4/1. Haley Reinhart, who some are surprised made it this far, is a solid 15/2 choice. Reinhart has survived based on her raspy voice and bubbly personality.

The show only has two more eliminations remaining until they reach the final three. At that point, American idol producers will send the three finalists back home where the red carpet will be rolled out for the hometown heroes. With the way the season has gone so far, and five singers left, odds makers are keeping a close eye on who is in the bottom three each week.

Online Gambling

American Idol 2011 Begins, Online Gambling To Follow


American Idol has become one of the most popular reality competitions to place bets on at online sports books, and the fever will again pick up in the near future. The 2011 edition of American Idol began on Wednesday, and gamblers have already started to pick their favorites.

The highlights of the new American Idol surround the judges table. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have joined Randy Jackson at the table, while Kara DioGuardi, Ellen DeGeneres, and Simon Cowell have departed from the show. The turnover has received a lot of press over the past six months.

“I thought the judges were great tonight,” said Maryann Gerber. “Steven Tyler did much better than I anticipated, and J Lo was great. I love watching the first few shows, gives me a feel of how much fun everyone had during the audition process.”

Gamblers may have fallen in love with certain contestants, but there is a strong chance that many of the contestants that were shown on the first episode will not make the final rounds. The sports books will not post odds until the shows go live later this fall. At that time, odds will be determined based on popularity and judge’s comments during the early shows.

In the past couple of years, gamblers who have taken chances early have been rewarded late. Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen both had odds of over 10/1 when the live shows started. In the case of Allen, he was a 60/1 choice. By the end of the competition, Allen became one of the betting favorites, and gamblers who played the winner at 60/1 were paid nicely by the sports books.

American Idol started the online gambling revolution on reality television, but other shows are also now popular. Dancing with the Stars has become a favorite, and So You Think You Can Dance now has odds at some sports books as well.